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Let’s face it:

From the early days of gaming and playing titles like Doom back in 1993 on a clunky overbearing desktop. The gaming industry has come on leaps and bounds since then.

It has grown into one of, if not the largest entertainment industries in the world with huge advancements in technology and places to play and buy games easily on PC like Steam “Valve Corporation

This makes it no surprise that:

With all this upgraded gaming hardware people will go out looking for the Best VPN for Gaming as this can open up a whole new world of gaming content.

This is especially the case if:

Most games you want to play are locked by geo location or have country specific DLC (Downloadable Content) that is simply unreachable.

Definitely the case if you live outside of the United States and there are games or content locked to that region.

While for the most part:

VPN’s can be considered not ideal to your optimal gaming experience because of any latency issues or lag that occurs.

It’s important to know:

Based on where you are playing your games in the world you can still be at risk or sharing unwanted data like your real IP address or simply be locked out of some features on new gaming titles.

Not to mention:

Being locked out out of country specific sales on sites like HumbleBundle or missing out on the beta, or early access of some of your most anticipated gaming release’s.

With VR (Virtual Reality) gaming just getting started:

It’s a good idea to ensure you have all the tools at your disposal to get the most out of any given gaming experience whether you choose to play games on PC, Mac or consoles.

What to look for in the Best VPN for Gaming

Lets take a look:

When it comes to using a VPN for gaming the most important areas you will want to look at are speed and ease-of-use.

You don’t want something that will cumbersome and consume your time which could be better spent having fun playing games!

Below we’ve listed some of the criteria we’ve chosen our 5 Best VPN For Gaming list on:

  • Speed (We want reduced lag or latency issues)
  • Ease-of-use (We don’t want overly technical software or countless security options)
  • Helpful Customer Support (Preferably 24/7 Live chat and support forums)
  • Good Server Selections (Fast Servers Based Close To Your Current Location and In United States for DLC)
  • Price (We want a good Price/Performance ratio)

By basing our chosen gaming VPN on these points:

We can ensure we’ve picked ourselves the best option, however if you are going to use your VPN service for more than just gaming head over to our 10 Features to Look for when Buying a VPN.

This will give you further insight on additional areas to look for in your VPN Provider!

Now we know what we’re looking for in a VPN for gaming:

Let’s go take a look at the 5 Best VPN for Gaming list…

IP Vanish

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IPVanish has been a big player in the gaming VPN industry to nearly two whole decades.

This is no surprise when you take a look at the speeds they offer when connecting to their VPN servers based in the US and all over the world. If you combine this with the fact they keep zero logs of your usage and allow tonnes of payment options like bitcoin to buy this VPN then it’s easy to see why this security conscious VPN provider is a top choice for gamer’s.

When it comes to latency or lag while gaming:

IPVanish go out of there way to offer the most minimal laggy gaming experience possible and offer a lot of options for installation, so whether you are playing games using a VPN on PC or consoles they have you covered with numerous tutorials and guides to get it all set-up.

Not only this:

They offer a 7-day Money Back Guarantee to anyone looking to use there VPN for Gaming, so you can go ahead and give them a trial run for a week to see if you are happy!

Visit IPVanish »


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ExpressVPN offer some of the most easy-to-use and user friendly VPN apps out there, and for gamers using a VPN this is great news.

Why’s this good news?

When looking for the Best VPN For Gaming we put a lot of effort in looking for the VPN providers with the best server selections in the US and matched this against everything else like speed, price and overall performance.

In all the above ExpressVPN comes out as one of the top performers offering great speed when playing games on PC and Console even with the high level of encryption they place on each and every connection.

Gaming with a VPN needs to be as trouble free as possible, but if you run into trouble ExpressVPN offer round the clock 24/7 support to answer any question or query you may have along the way.

They offer great great cross platform support, but for us we installed ExpressVPN on our Router so that any device connecting to it via WiFi or Enthernet cable was able to access and unlock DLC or games that were previously not available to us outside of the United States.

Like IPVanish, ExpressVPN also offer a money back guarantee, but it’s a whopping 30 days!

This means you can try ExpressVPN for 30 hole days and install the gaming VPN to see what kinds of speeds you are able to reach. Not to mention the new game beta’s you can access in this time frame if they are country specific.

Visit ExpressVPN »


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PureVPN offers gamers worldwide access to a high speed teir-1 network which has proven highly popular with players of MMO based games.

Throughout the world they offer servers that provide a latency free gaming and  are designed solely for gamers which is something that other gaming VPN’s out there don’t do!

When you’ve installed PureVPN you will notice that built into the User interface you can quickly pick and choose your connection type specifically for gaming. This feature then goes out to ensure your have the optimal experience when trying to connect to gaming servers, or servers from countries across the world for your chosen game.

PureVPN is also a great tool when it comes to finding cheap games online!

Using this VPN you can quickly switch your IP address to a country where a specific sale is happening, allowing you to pick up a CD key or copy of the game to later install or play on your PC or gaming console.

If you want to find out more things you can do with PureVPN check out our: PureVPN Review

Like the other Best VPN’s for Gaming, PureVPN also offer you 30 days to give them a trial run and test on PC or Console gaming!

Visit PureVPN »


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NordVPN offers you a substantial 571+ VPN servers in 49 countries worldwide which helps ensure that wherever you are in the world and fast and reliable server is always close by.

They also boast that connection speeds are lightening fast so this should ensure that any lag while gaming is greatly reduced and provide you with a good upload/download ratio while connecting to your favourite games using the service.

Zero logging while you play games is also a real thing with NordVPN as they have a strict no logging policy which means anything you do while using this VPN provider is not stored by the service.

You can also connect up to 6 devices simultaneously which means while your playing games on a VPN you can also hook up your phone, laptop or tablet and expect the same level of speed and protection.

NordVPN also offer reasonable prices for the 12 month subscriptions, and even offer 6 months free from time to time. As is becoming the norm they also offer the 30-day money back guarantee so you are free to sign up, download and install the VPN then put it through its paces while playing games.

Visit NordVPN »


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As one of the newest VPN’s on the block, VPNArea already do a tonne of things just right!

When it comes to gaming using VPNArea the VPN runs seriously smoothly once installed on your chosen device. They offer lots of server choice even in countries in the world most VPN providers don’t touch like Saudi Arabia and Iran. The speeds are comparable to that of PureVPN which is already a great benchmark to have in place.

The only drawback of the service is that they simply haven’t been around long enough for VPN gamers to have given them enough of a go and push them to the max using demanding gaming servers.

They made the 5 Best VPN For Gaming purely based on the fact they are set to become a big player in the VPN space, and gamers who are looking for a service that will be around for the long run will want to get in early to snap up a good deal while this gaming VPN is still in it’s infancy.

Despite being a new player VPNArea are already quick to offer a 7-day money back on the VPN apps they provide. With a cheap price and Zero logging it’s easy to see why they are already on the rise!

Visit VPNArea »

5 Best VPN For Gaming Conclusion…

OK, so we’ve covered our Best VPN For Gaming:

While using a gaming VPN can be of great benefit to you unlock or unblock a games DLC or content that is currently not available in your country it’s important to know that the speed of the VPN service plays the biggest part in making your gaming experience more enjoyable.

Next to best to this:

The price you have to pay to get access to the service is a key factor and with many of the above 5 VPN’s offering a money back guarantee or 7-day trial its worth just taking the leap and trying them out to see what works best for you.

Even just trying some of the paid VPN providers for gaming it’s easy to see why a free VPN for gaming is not a good option as speeds tend to be slow or unreliable at best. So to ensure you have the best tool at your disposal it’s important to do your research and know what your key demands are from your VPN service.


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