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In this post we are going to cover the 5 Best VPN for Netflix to allow you access shows and movies that would normally only be accessible if you lived in the United States.

However by using a VPN to spoof your IP address location to appear in the United States you are able to open up a vast catalogue of new shows and movies by unlocking the US version of Netflix. How is this possible? Keep reading along, we’ve got you covered.

So what is Netflix? (Brief introduction to Netflix)

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Netflix is a media giant these days when it comes to streaming movies and videos online.

In addition to providing media and video on demand to countless users worldwide, Netflix has also added film and television production to its repertoire producing great hits like “House Of Cards” and “Orange Is the New Black” that find people binge watching episode after episode on the platform.

However, there is an issue:

Enjoying the streaming service Netflix provides is not equal for all people around the world.  US residents have preferential access to more shows and movies than most other versions of the service namely those users accessing from the United Kingdom.

The US film and movie industry is the biggest in the world. As such many of its copyright laws apply in distribution of film and movies. Copyright laws state that movies can only be distributed and shown in the country where they were produced.

For this to happen in other countries, massive payments have to be made to the production company.  That’s why big movie releases are done outside the US by companies licensed by the production companies in the US.

Netflix follows these copyright laws in streaming film, movies and television shows in other countries.  While Netflix allows viewers from most countries around the world to set up an account, the experiences largely differ when it comes to movie or TV shows selection.

Viewers in the US can access over 10,000 titles while those in other countries can get access to only what has been licensed. Canadian viewers for example, can only access 3500 titles which is a vast difference.

Netflix is also banned and blocked in North Korea, China, Syria and the Crimea region. These countries use censoring technologies to restrict access to Netflix and also identify who is trying to access it.

Geo-blocking technology is also used from Netflix’s end to ensure that viewers outside the US can only see what is licensed in their countries.

Netflix’s popularity is growing bigger as more movies and television shows are added to the titles on offer.  It plans to reach 130 countries by the end of 2016.

With Netflix growing by the day, it’s easy to see why users from areas outside of the US still want access to great content that they are currently blocked from. This is where the Best VPNs for Netflix come into play.

How can a VPN Unblock Netflix?

Using a Virtual Private Network or a VPN is the best way to unblock Netflix restrictions and enjoy viewership just like in the US.

A VPN is able to encrypt user data from monitoring such that the restricting technology cannot identify where the viewer is physically located and make any users IP address appear as if it’s based in the United States.

Viewers all around the world have been viewing full US Netflix for a while by using a VPN for Netflix.

In China alone, 10 million + viewers use VPN to access US Netflix.  There are many more viewers from around the world using a VPN to get around censorship and hide from Netflix’s geo blocking technology.

In 2014, Sony Pictures criticized Netflix for not doing enough to combat use of VPN to access copyrighted content without paying for it. This led to Netflix announcing in 2016 that it will be monitoring use of proxies and VPNs in an attempt to curb the growth of many users attempting to access US based content.

However to this day, many VPN providers still promote and even offer ways to still get around any of the restriction on Netflix which is why it’s important to know what to look for and be informed before making a decision who to go with.

What to look for in the Best VPN for Netflix

Let’s take a look at what you will need to get around Geo-restrictions on Netflix:

A good VPN for Netflix should definitely have servers in the US so that the viewer’s IP address shows itself in that location, but let’s list some features we want to see from a solid VPN when using Netflix.

  • US based VPN servers (Allowing you to connect and appear in the United States)
  • Fast Speed (We don’t want to hang around waiting for buffering when watching movies)
  • Easy-to-install (Easy installation on multiple devices like Apple TV)
  • Good Customer Support (Great support to help you with issues or setup)
  • Good price (We already pay for Netflix so we want a cheap VPN service)

By matching our Best VPN for Netflix on these areas we can ensure we’ve made a good choice.

The speed of the connection through a VPN server will be a critical area as we don’t want this to ruin the viewing experience once you’ve unblocked US Netflix using a VPN so keep this in mind if you try out any of the below services.

Ok, so now we know what to look for, let’s take a look at the 5 Best VPN for Netflix…


Buffered VPN
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Buffered VPN comes out on top as the Best VPN for Netflix based on it’s countless features and lightening fast speeds which make it a great choice for unblocking Netflix to watch TV shows and movies.

This VPN provider is based in Hungary which means you are out of the US and UK areas of jurisdiction which are well known for keeping track of user habits online. This fact is very important when it comes to unblocking Netflix with a VPN because VPN providers based in the US could be forced to give up sensitive data on your usage.

Using Buffered VPN for Netflix is seriously simple, you have countless options for installation but for us we simply installed the VPN client on a Windows Desktop PC and we were able to connect and Unblock the US version of Netflix and begin watching thousands of more shows than can be found on other country specific versions of the streaming service.

Buffered offer all it’s new users a 30-day Money back Guarantee which is ideal for anyone looking for a solid VPN provider to use with Netflix and it will give you 30 days to check and see how it all works, and ensure you can successfully unblock the US version of the streaming service.

Visit Buffered »


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IPVanish makes the grade as they offer some of the best VPN software available for almost each and every platform imaginable.

The VPN client allows you to run your connection over a shared IP. This means you have yet another layer of protection to go along with the already hefty level of encryption they provide.

The speeds you can reach with IPVanish never fail to impress us, and with servers in 61 countries you can be sure wherever you are in the world you will easily be able to login to your US version of Netflix using this VPN client.

IPVanish also allow you to pay using Bitcoin which is a great addition to those of you who are familiar with concurrency and need more options when it comes to paying for the service.

They offer as standard a 7-day trial period, which is perfect if you need a VPN service quickly for Netflix if you plan to travel and still want access to great TV shows or Movies on the go!

Visit IPVanish »


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AirVPN is a breath of fresh air when it comes to a good VPN service for unblocking Netflix. It’s sole purpose is to provide VPN client to its users with the key focus being your privacy!

Created by proud supporters of net neutrality based in Italy, AirVPN keep Zero-logs of you usage which is a great benefit if you don’t want your usage being sent to 3rd parties or Netflix themselves.

The VPN client once installed is seriously reliable and offers fast speeds which means literally no buffering when watching TV shows or movies on Netflix.

They also allow you to run 3 simultaneous connections to AirVPN so that you can watch US Netflix on the TV and other’s in the house can watch on PC, tablet or smart phones at the same time.

Unlike other VPN providers AirVPN also offer VPN over TOR which is something you don’t normally see, but still great if you find yourself looking for web pages not indexed on Google or similar directories.

While they offer only a 3-day trial this is more than enough time to install, and test the connection to US Netflix which really doesn’t disappoint on speed or stability.

Visit AirVPN »


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Probably one of the most established providers on our Best VPN for Netflix list, ExpressVPN for most people is the go-to option and it’s easy to see why!

With VPN servers in over 78+ countries worldwide you have a lot of choice when it comes to picking the fastest server to connect to for US Netflix. Along with fast servers, they offer tonnes of installation options for desktop, iOS, Android and countless others.

We would recommend ExpressVPN as an overall secure VPN to install on your home router, as this way you can not only protect anything connected to it by WiFi or Ethernet cable, you can ensure while browsing you sensitive data and usage is secure as they keep no logs of you activity.

One big plus for using ExpressVPN for Netflix is that they too offer a 30-day Money Back Guarantee which gives you 30 days to trial the VPN client to see it’s speed and reliability when connecting to Netflix.

Visit ExpressVPN »


purevpn review
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PureVPN makes the cut based on its superior customer support and great support forums that allow users to ask questions and get support when connecting the VPN client and installing.

This support structure has made PureVPN what it is today, as they often implement popular features many of its users want to see added to their VPN software.

PureVPN also offers countless installation options like the other VPN providers on this list, however unlike some it gives in-depth tutorials and has 24/7 live chat that are willing to help with any installation of its service.

Using PureVPN to watch US Netflix couldn’t be easier with their easy-to use client that allows you in just a few clicks to connect to a server and begin streaming. They even give you options that allow you to pick the type of connection your going to make based on streaming, general use or for higher security.

If you want to know more about PureVPN you can check out our PureVPN Review or head over to their straight to the point website below!

Visit PureVPN »

Using Netflix VPN and Apple TV

While all the VPN providers above support installing a VPN onto your home Router, or Desktop in order to share your internet connection with devices like Apple TV for watching Netflix. You may still want to take a look at our Apple TV list here.

Things To Consider When using a Netflix VPN

Netflix took action back in January 2016 in a effort to curb the use of VPN’s connecting to and using it’s service to access the US version of it’s film and TV show catalogue. This action led to March 2016 being a notable month for android owners using a Netflix VPN as updates to the app effectively halted any use of the streaming service using a VPN.

It’s important to know that using any of the above Best VPN for Netflix will currently give you access to the US catalogue, the situation is fast paced and fluid with numerous VPN providers being blocked, then finding new ways to re-access the service for its users.

While the end of this ongoing Netflix VS VPN’s battle doesn’t seem to be in sight due to ever growing pressure from Studios looking to protect their copyrighted content, you can rest assured that we will keep updating this 5 Best VPN for Netflix list to ensure each and every VPN provider on the list is working and active for use with Netflix.

Best VPN For Netflix Conclusion…

It’s easy to see that Netflix offers a service to it’s customers that is currently un-rivalled in the streaming and online media space, which makes it even more easier to understand why the vast majority of its users would want to access the larger versions of its TV and Film’s catalogue using a VPN service.

A VPN for Netflix opens up a new door on your monthly subscription to Netflix allowing you not only to get your local catalogue of films, but have access to something more and get more value for your money.

Using the criteria we mentioned earlier in the post you should quickly be able to locate and choose the best vpn provider for Netflix, ensuring your speeds are stable and you don’t have any issues with connecting or buffering.

Even though Netflix will never be fully happy with VPN users getting access to geo-specific content, it’s safe to assume you are one member of a much larger audience with the same issue of wanting to connect to the US versions of its service.

If you have any issues, or questions regarding connecting a certain VPN service to Netflix please feel free to leave a comment below and we will get back to you!



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