how to buy vpn with bitcoins
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Okay so by now you’ve probably heard of Bitcoin and other available cryptocurrencies that you can use to purchase products or services online at the click of a button, however you might not be familiar with how to actually buy Bitcoin’s and use them to make a purchase from a VPN Provider.

Many large and upcoming VPN providers have already seen the benefits that accepting Bitcoin’s can have to their customers because they allow them to purchase as easily as any other form of payment but offer higher anonymity due to your payment details not being able to be logged by the site or service you are buying from.

So What Are The Benefits of Bitcoins For Buying a VPN?

benefits of bitcoin for buying vpn
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Let’s first get into some of the features Bitcoin can offer you as form of payment. Bitcoin uses a peer-to-peer style technology that operates freely and independently from banks or other authorities that notoriously look to collect your personal information.

Any transactions using Bitcoin such as buying a VPN is passed across a network that is open-source and public, and is not owned or controlled by a single governing body it’s actually run and owned in most part by its users.

You can use them as a form of payment on any device, anywhere in the world at any time using a method called ‘Wallets’ which is basically where you keep and store your currency digitally.

Every Bitcoin transaction is also secured by high end military grade cryptography which means you’re fully secure and nobody can charge you or make a payment on your behalf without you’re full control.

So how are Bitcoins good for buying a VPN? Well a VPN provider’s main aim as a service is to allow you to connect with the peace of mind that you are fully anonymous and that your data is protected so by allowing you to pay for the service with Bitcoin’s means that your payment details are not being kept or logged by the VPN provider making your entire usage from signing up to the end result of using the VPN totally anonymous.

How Can I Setup A Bitcoin Wallet To Buy Bitcoin’s?

how to setup a bitcoin wallet
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Ok so the first step is getting access to your very own ‘Wallet’ that you can use to receive your purchased bitcoins. There are numerous options when it comes to wallets and some are more reliable than others so it’s worth doing your research and going with a service you feel most comfortable with as this is where you will be storing your digital currency.

Below we’ve made a list of the most commonly used Bitcoin Wallets available online. (Just remember to take into account what device you’re looking to use to make payments on such as Desktop or Mobile)

Desktop Bitcoin Wallets

Bitcoin Core, Electrum, mSIGNA, Bither, Green Address

Mobile Bitcoin Wallets

Breadwallet, Greenbits, Bitcoin Wallet, Copay, Airbitz

Web Bitcoin Wallets

Bitgo, Coinbase, Blockchain, Circle, Coinapult

Buying Bitcoins Online

buying bitcoins online
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So now that you’ve found a good Bitcoin Wallet and signed up you should be ready to receive your purchased Bitcoins.

Some of the Bitcoin Wallet providers above may actually allow you to purchase through their platform making it easy to fill your wallet with your new found cryptocurrency.

If they don’t then not to worry as there is simply tons of options when it comes to places to buy Bitcoins online.

Like before we’ve made you a short list below to help you find the cheapest Bitcoins available.

Buying Bitcoins Online With USD

Coinbase, Kraken,, LocalBitcoins, Bitstamp, Quoine

Buying Bitcoins Online With CAD

ANXBTC, Morrex, LocalBitcoins

Buying Bitcoins Online With GBP

Coinbase, Kraken, ANXBTC, Coinfloor, CryptopayLocalBitcoins

Buying Bitcoins Online With EUR

CoinbaseKraken, ANXBTC, BTCe,, itBit

Buying Bitcoins Online With AUD

BtcMarkets, ANXBTC, CoinSpotQuoineLocalBitcoinsbuyabitcoin

Other places to Buy Bitcoins Online

BTC China, Bitfinex, Bitcurex, Ice3x, LakeBTC, Therocktrading, Mercadobitcoin, Paymium, GateCoin


Buying Bitcoins With Cash (Local Sellers)

how to buy bitcoins with cash
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Aside from purchasing bitcoins online you can also buy using cash by finding a seller local to you. This option is great if it’s available to you as it means the transaction is fast and convenient with no services like Credit Card’s or Banks storing your transaction information that can lead them back to you.

Sites like specialise in connecting local bitcoin sellers and buyers together allowing them to meet in a public location and make the transfer securely.

Our only advice with Buying Bitcoins with cash is to do your research and see if the seller has a reliable and proven track record of selling Bitcoins in your area with good reviews across the board.

Buying a VPN Using Bitcoins

buying a vpn using bitcoins
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So once your Bitcoin Wallet is looking healthy and has a good amount of Bitcoins available to you to make purchases with, the next step is finding the best VPN provider to sign up for that accepts Bitcoins as a form of payment.

Not every VPN Provider online will accept Bitcoins but it’s a good sign if they do as it means they are concerned for your privacy and are willing for you to keep your payment details and personal information to yourself which is surely the whole point of a VPN in the first place.

As before we’ve made a list below of the Best VPN Providers that currently accept Bitcoins as a form of Payment (With some even offering cheaper deals for using Bitcoins)


Visit PureVPN – 65% OFF

PureVPN have been going strong since 2006 offering a great desktop and mobile VPN service to a million + users around the world. Check out our PureVPN Review


Visit ExpressVPN – 35% OFF

ExpressVPN allows you to unblock websites and watch videos anywhere around the world. They are well known for the super easy-to-use apps for computers, smart phones and tablets making things easy to connect while still having the full protection of a 256bit encryption to keep your data safe and secure.


 Visit HideMyAss – 43% OFF

HideMyAss offer you a staggering 126,000+ IP address’s to connect to with numerous server locations in over 190+ countries worldwide which makes them a great option if you are going to need a VPN for travelling as you can always be sure a fast a reliable server to connect to is near by!


By using Bitcoins to buy a VPN it’s easy to understand how this can protect your internet habits and data from front to back making the whole process anonymous and away from the spying and logging abilities of Banks or other payment method providers. Online your personal information should always be yours to protect so using Bitcoin goes a long way to ensure this is how things will stay for you into the future.


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