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In this post we are going to cover How to Watch Game Of Thrones Online using a VPN service to change you IP address so that you never miss a new episode on the day of release!

Game of Thrones is one of the hottest and most watched televisions shows in the U.S. and it has also garnered a whole lot of attention worldwide. Unfortunately, for those living outside of the U.S. there is not a whole lot of choices when it comes to watching it. This is because it is the exclusive property of HBO and it is a subscription based service that is only available to those people living inside of the U.S.

A brief introduction to Game of Thrones…

John Snow
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Game of Thrones is a hugely popular weekly show that is currently in its 6th season. It is filled with amazing battle scenes, drama, love and death that seems to have its viewers on the edge of their couches every single week. Each of the previous seasons are also available so that people who are just now getting into the series can actually catch up on all of the episodes they may have missed.

So what if you don’t live in the United States?

While HBO is an US-based subscription television service that is only available to customers that live within the U.S., Game of Thrones has been a huge hit and it’s popularity has extended well beyond the boundaries of the U.S. By using a VPN service like PureVPN you are able to bypass these country specific restrictions and enable yourself to watch a streaming service even if you are not currently in that location.

Services like HBO were established to provide their paid customers access to a wide range of content as well as Game Of Thrones, so even by singing up outside of the U.S. you are able to access this paid content by changing your IP address to match an area the service would expect a paid user to be connecting from.

Each streaming service makes it possible for almost anyone to connect to their online service and watch a large library of content. The amount you pay for each kind of streaming service is based solely on the specific the service you decide to sign up with. Each one of the services will vary depending on what types of features and options they offer to their customers in each subscription package.

What actually is a VPN?

There are a huge number of VPN providers available on the Internet. They all use powerful encryption that allows you to change your IP address for streaming of paid services and most are so fast you wont even notice the difference between using a VPN to stream and simply using your normal internet connection as it incurs no buffering issues.

A VPN is designed both to protect your identity and allow you to appear to be in another location anywhere in the world. Take a look at the Benefits of VPN for further info!

Why use a VPN to Watch Game Of Thrones Online?

Put simply you would Watch Game Of Thrones Online using a VPN because even if you are not currently based in the U.S. and dont appear to have access to HBO, you can still sign up for the streaming service and use a VPN to change your IP address to one based within the United States allowing you to freely dip into any of the current seasons of Game Of Thrones at will.

A VPN is a seriously useful tool when it comes to streaming as no service is off limits no matter where they are based in the world. Netflix is also a great service to use a VPN for as you are able to quickly and easily use a VPN to access a catalogue of shows that are not available in other countries such as the United Kingdom as they have their own localised version of the streaming service.

Which VPN Service Do We Recommend?

For Watching Game Of Thrones Online Using a VPN if you are based outside of the United States we would currently recommend using PureVPN as they have a whole heap of VPN servers based within the U.S. which makes it easy to quickly pick and choose the fastest server to watch your favourite HBO shows on.

While Game of Thrones is still due to roll on for another few seasons it’s best to get a VPN service connected so that when new episodes hit you are able to watch live with others based in the U.S. and not be hit by the dreaded spoilers for the show that find there way into your day even when you are trying your hardest not to see any.


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