watch premier league online with vpn
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With the Premier League fast becoming the most popular and most watched football leagues throughout the world it’s easy to understand why many viewers will want access to watch live football matches online especially if they are travelling or don’t currently have access due to living in a country with limited football match coverage.

A VPN service can go hand in hand with your needs allowing you to connect to the internet anywhere in the world then use the VPN to watch the premier league live on your PC, Mac, Android or even iOS device along with many others that are available.

Ok so follow us as we guide to through getting connected to watch premier league online with a VPN service.

Choosing your Online Premier League Service 
choosing your online premier league service
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The first and most important step is choosing where you actually want to watch the live streaming of premier league matches. There are tons of options when it comes to places to watch the premier league online with the best services requiring a one-time payment or subscription fee but of course as with anything there are non-legal options.

We would recommend highly if this is your first time watching the premier league online to use a paid service as you will get the best quality and not be overwhelmed with ad’s or spammy links found in the not so quality sources available online.

The best options for quality live streaming of the Premier League online are SkyGo, BT Sport live streaming and services like BBC iPlayer which also allows you to watch Match of the Day each weekend with full match highlights.

These services are the best options due to the fact they currently own the broadcasting rights for the Premier league so it’s a guarantee that the quality will be of a high standard. You will also notice they state the service is also country specific but not to worry as once you’ve hooked up a VPN you will be able to watch live matches from anywhere in the world.

Alternative streaming services of the Premier league online are of course available and in a variety of different commentary languages ensuring you don’t miss a thing. Simply use Google to help find your desired streaming service or alternatively take a look at our list at the end of this post.

Sign up with a fast VPN Provider 
sign up with a fast vpn provider
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While you were browsing for a service to watch the premier league online you will have noticed like we said before that the services advertise that they only give access to certain countries or have geo-restrictions stopping you from watching.

This is where a VPN service comes into its own allowing you to simply bypass these restrictions and unblock live premier league matches by providing the streaming service with an IP address they are expected to see such as a UK based IP address.

Getting around this issue is simple and all you need to do is sign up to a well suited VPN provider that allows you to change your location to the country where the streaming service is available.

Below we’ve compiled a list of the Best VPN providers to unblock Premier League live matches.


Visit PureVPN – 65% OFF

PureVPN offers a an easy-to-use UI which makes things easy to pick a server and hold a stable fast connection. You also have the option to add it to your Smart TV using the well detailed and easy to follow instructions on their website that will ensure you have it installed on every device you need it on. Take a look at our PureVPN Review to see how it all works!

Express VPN

Visit ExpressVPN – 35% OFF

Express VPN also gives you the option to install on numerous devices like your Android phone to be sure you don’t miss a match wherever you are in the world. Express VPN also boasts a 30-day money back guarantee meaning you can test them out for 30 days to see if they work well for watching premier league matches.


Visit HideMyAss – 43% OFF

HideMyAss offers a simply staggering amount of server options that means you can connect to a server that is closest to you and hold good connection speeds anywhere in the world. HideMyAss also offer a vast amount of payment options from Bitcoin Payments to Paypal and other popular choices you would expect to see.

The key is to pick only a VPN service with servers in the country that the streaming services allow access to in order to get around the geo-restrictions.

VPN Providers such as PureVPNHideMyAss and ExpressVPN are our top choices as they offer reliable United Kingdom servers that require little to no buffering of the premier league streaming services.

Another great tip when choosing a VPN provider to unblock premier league matches is to check and see if they offer you a ‘Money Back Guarantee’ which allows you with providers like ExpressVPN to try the service for 30 days then if you no longer need it or want to try another you can return it for a full refund within those 30 days.

Ok so now you have chosen a VPN Provider to go with it’s time to get things setup and start getting ready to watch premier league online with a VPN.

Installing VPN Software 
installing vpn software
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Each VPN Providers comes with tons of options when it comes to installing a VPN on your chosen device whether this is simply a PC, Mac or other devices such as a Mobile phone and tablet.

Using the VPN provider’s website they will give you a step by step guide on installing your VPN on each of these devices ready to watch Premier League matches.

To help you get an idea of how it will look on PC follow us as we install PureVPN and use it to log in and choose a VPN server.

purevpn installation windows
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As you can see above once you’ve downloaded the install client from the VPN provider its straight forward and you will be greeted by the usual install window, simply follow the steps and keep note of your login details provided to you by your chosen VPN provider.

purevpn modes
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The next step is to simply log in and start getting familiar with the service and the user interface that comes with it. PureVPN has a really easy to use UI allowing you to simply log in and pick a VPN server to connect to.

purevpn performance
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When choosing which country or VPN server to connect to you will need to know where your chosen Premier League streaming service is broadcasting to. For example in the instance of Sky Sports this will be predominately the United Kingdom.

So go ahead and connect to a server that corresponds to the streaming service you have chosen.

Get the Best Price:  PureVPN  (Secure Servers in over 140+ countries worldwide)

Watch Premier League Football Online 
watch premier league football online
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Now that you’ve connected your VPN you should now be bypassing any geo-restrictions that would have been placed upon you by your chosen Premier League streaming service.

From here on in you should now be able to use services like SkyGo, BT Sport, and BBC iPlayer to access and watch live Premier league streams in your current location.

Available Online Broadcasters

As there are numerous options when it comes to online broadcasters to choose from we’ve helped by compiling a list of the most commonly used Premier League Broadcasters by Country along with languages for you to choose from.

United Kingdom (English Commentary)

Sky Sports, BT Sport, BBC iPlayer (Match Of The Day & Highlights Only)

United States (English & Spanish Commentary)

NBC Sports, Telemundo, Mun2

Canada (English & French Commentary)

TSN, Sportsnet, RDS

Brazil (Portuguese Commentary)

ESPN Brazil (HD), Fox Sports BrazilEsporte Interativo

Australia (English Commentary)

Fox Sports



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