why you should use a vpn
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A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a group of discrete networks or computers that are interconnected over the Internet, which is a public network. A lot of businesses use virtual private networks to connect their remote data centers. Individuals can also enjoy the benefits of VPN by obtaining access to network resources when they are not physically on the same local area network (LAN). They can also use it as a means to secure and encrypt communications whenever they use untrusted public networks.

When it comes to using a VPN, you launch the client on your computer when you connect to the VPN. Once you log in, your computer starts to exchange trusted keys with a server in another location. The two computers have to verify the authenticity of each other so all your communication can be encrypted and protected. Keep in mind that it is crucial to secure your communication, so that nobody can eavesdrop on them especially if dealing with sensitive data.

You may think to yourself “Should I use a VPN?” Well, if security is important to you, then the answer is yes. The primary function of a VPN is to secure the Internet connection of your computer. This way, you can rest assured that all your data are protected against anyone who want to infiltrate. You can guarantee that the files, messages, and other important information you send and receive are only available to you and anyone you give authorization to.

Why Setup a VPN?

Now that you have learned what is a VPN, you should be clear about its benefits. Take note that a virtual private network is only a way to strengthen your security and access resources on networks that you are not physically connected to. Whatever you do with it is a whole different story.

Anyway, here is some of most popular types of usage by VPN users:

Students and workers

Most commonly these types of people, especially employees of companies have responsibilities and duties they have to do. Therefore, they need a virtual private network to access the resources on their network whenever they are on the road or not home. VPN’s are usually provided by their school or company. Since this is the case, these people do not usually shop around. In case they get worried about security, they can fire up their VPN’s whenever they use free Wi-Fi at a coffee shop, airport, or other public places to make sure that their data and communications are safe and secured.


These are the people who download data, such as documents, songs, and movies, illegally or legally on a torrent application installed on their computers. If you are a downloader, using a VPN will serve to protect you against possible illegal charges but remember that while a VPN is the only true sense of security you can get online to protect your privacy and hide your browsing location their is still risks involved with downloading data or movies you have not purchased legally.

Privacy Minded Individuals and Security Advocates

Whether they are in an environment that is strictly monitored or a totally open one, they need to use a virtual private network to keep their data encrypted and secure. This applies to anyone, regardless of their location. So, whether you are abroad or in your home country, using a VPN can surely be beneficial. An unsecured connection can indicate that someone else is reading whatever you type and send other people. This is actually one of the most common types of user to-date as there is ever growing security & privacy concerns on high profile sites like Facebook and others.

Globetrotters & Frequent Travellers

These people want to watch events, such as the Olympics or an awards night, live as they occur. They do not want to deal with a poor local network. They also want to watch their favorite television shows live. They do not want or have the time to wait for re-broadcasts or translations later on. They do not want to watch foreign versions shown in other countries either. In addition, these people usually listen to the streaming online radio available in their location, as well as use new Web services or applications that look great yet are limited to certain regions or countries. A VPN also opens up the doors for them to have a secure connection with family or friends to share sensitive data like bank, or travel information.

A Combination of all the above

If you cannot classify yourself as any of the above mentioned types of VPN user, you may be a combination of at least two of them. In any case, using a VPN service can be significantly helpful to you, whether it is only a matter of protecting yourself against virtual attackers and thieves or about dealing with sensitive data you need for your work. If you like to watch television shows on things like Netflix or have a favourite channel on Youtube that is locked in your country a VPN will serve to allow you access on demand and create a safe and secure tunnel to your chosen content.

In many cases with a virtual private network, you can cut costs and have more savings due to not having to pay for country specific services or licences. This is especially true if you are running an organization. For instance, you can eliminate your need for pricey long-distance leased lines, offload support costs, and reduce long-distance phone charges. It can also replace a long-distance dialup network connection and a remote access server, which is typically used to access a company’s Intranet.

If you want to succeed in having the power to connect to any country in the world and access country specific content or aim to stay fully secure while doing online banking, downloading or while you travel then a VPN is really for you as they work anywhere and at any time you have access to free wifi or internet.

A VPN like HideMyAss will see you connecting immediately using the software installed on your device and the next real step will simply be choosing the fastest country to connect to so we’ve made some tips on how to choose the best vpn country for you to connect to.



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