choosing the right vpn country to connect to
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When on the lookout for a VPN there are many things you will need to have on your list. One of the key things to get right is the VPN country selection as this may seem easy enough to some but can actually mean a great deal when it comes to choosing a VPN provider or service when looking at VPN reviews. This is because many issues can arise by not taking the time to research countries and servers a potential service has to offer.

When looking for service with the right servers and countries the main factors that play a part in your decision should be as follows:

  • What will you actually use the VPN for?
  • What kind of speeds will you require?
  • What level of privacy and security will you want?

What will you actually use the VPN for?

Okay so let’s starts off by thinking what some of the key things we are going use the VPN for. A lot of users simply use their VPN service to provide overall privacy and encrypt the data to allow for anonymous browsing, however just doing this you can run into some complications. Some services do not allow you to login from unfamiliar countries or servers such as things like online banking, shopping sites or sites that track your usual IP location and send alerts when logged in from an unfamiliar location. This of course can be helpful to prevent fraudulent activity on your accounts but can also limit your VPNs reach online which is why picking the correct country for you and sticking to it is so important.

One of the key features of any VPN service is the ability to be able to unlock content in a country that you do not have access to. Things like streaming certain shows on Netflix which are not available in your country but by changing your location using a VPN you are able to make it appear as if you are browsing the service from the desired location allowing you to view the content.

You should always have a plan of what you’re going to use VPN for before each time you connect so that you can limit the amount of times you are locked out of certain accounts which have high levels of security.

What kind of speeds will you require?

When you’re picking a VPN server speeds can vary greatly depending on that country of origin and the distance from you. Some VPN services such as hide my ass give you the ability to be able to run a VPN speed test and establish the best VPN servers based on your current location. This means wherever you are in the world you always have the option to connect to the fastest VPN server or country for you at that time.

It’s always a good idea to check before signing up to any VPN provider that they have good servers near you or in your country especially if you are looking to stream video or download content which will require faster speeds.

What level of privacy and security will you want?

Depending on a VPN services country of origin and the location of the servers you’ll be connecting to it’s important to note what level of privacy you will be given whilst browsing or accessing sensitive data. Many countries like the United States have numerous laws against digital downloads and copyright infringement which can cause issues if this is your sole intent. However connecting to countries outside of the parameters of these laws may be optimal for these kinds of activities. Data centers or VPN services located within the U.S may be pressured into logging encrypted data so that in the event any illegal activity suspected this can be used by the United States government traced back. This data is kept by the government for 5 years so it’s always worth doing a background check on any VPN provider you are going to sign up with to ensure they don’t have a history of sharing any sensitive data from its users and are as secure as possible to protect your interests.


While there are a lot of things to take into consideration when choosing a VPN country to connect to, for most it will depend solely on your intended usage and speeds you require especially if you are looking to stream content or download. For general privacy and encryption of your data most VPN services will have you covered and offer a number of countries for you to connect to securely while being able to connect to servers closest to you for the fastest speeds.


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